Internship Information

Principles Regarding Compulsory Internships and Forms to be Used in the Internship Documents


(In addition to the Instruction Manual, it is descriptive and guiding.) In case there is a conflict with the Practice Guidelines, the Practice Guidelines are taken into consideration)

Purpose of Internship

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering requires students to practice their engineering knowledge, which they theoretically obtain during their undergraduate studies, through practical work carried out by public or private organizations.
General Principles of Internships
· Internship studies consist of two parts, each of which is 24 working days. The first internship is the internship and management internship where the students who have completed at least 4 semesters are responsible for the production internship, the second internship, the students who have completed at least 6 semesters.

· Students perform their internships in the workplaces approved by the Commission or in laboratories or workshops of public-educational institutions. At least one official from Metallurgy Engineer, Metallurgy and Materials Engineer, Materials Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Ceramic Engineer or Polymer Engineer must be in operation. Internships in business establishments and areas (sales, accounting, management, marketing, etc.) that are not directly related to Materials Engineering can not be accepted. The industrial fields where the internship can be carried out are in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Internship Application Principles

Internship application

Students apply to the institution they wish to intern with the INTERNSHIP APPLICATION FORM. In order to be accepted by the Institution, they shall obtain the approval of the Commission by applying to the related Department's Internship Commission through ÖBİSİS.
· General health insurance for the students who receive the approval of the department internship commission is carried out by the relevant unit of the university.

Rules to be followed during the internship
The provisions of the Disciplinary Regulations of Higher Education Institutions for internship students also apply during the internship.
Trainees are obliged to comply with the legislation of the institutions they are trained with, their working conditions, discipline and business safety.
· Unless a medical report is received, absenteeism can not be made due to illness. The duration of the internship should be extended until the time of the report. Failure to do so will invalidate the internship period. The commission gives the decision on the internship on the following days.

· Students who practice interns have to use all kinds of tools, materials, machinery, tools and tools that they use in their workplaces with care. In case of failing to fulfill these obligations, the student will bear any responsibility to be born.

Internship Control

Internship work of students may be supervised by Internship Commissions at the internship places, where deemed necessary. The internship of the students who are negative for the inspection is assessed by the Commission and the Department Presidency.
Adjustment and Exemption
It is up to the Commission and the Department to decide how much of the internships they have already done for the students who transfer. The equivalence of internships abroad is decided in the same way. After graduating from related departments of Vocational Schools, the students who have enrolled with DGS can be exempted from internship obligations by being evaluated by the Internship Commission. For this, a petition indicating the student's request and the necessary documents should be given to the Department Chair.

Delivery of Internship Documents

Each internship student must submit the Internship Report and other documents at the signature of the Department Secretariat within four weeks of the beginning of the semester course following the internship. Without excuse, internship papers not delivered in time will not be accepted. The reason for the excuse is evaluated by the Department Presidency on the student's official application.
For graduation, only students who have lost their internship will submit the Internship Report and other documents to the Department Secretariat after completing their internship.

Evaluation of Internship

· The Internship Report and other documents submitted by the pupil after completing the internship are evaluated by the Section Internship Commission.

· In the appraisal of the internship, the report prepared by the student in accordance with the trainee's suit is based on the suitability of Internship Preparation Principles and Internship Registration Fee.

· Internship of the student whose success or attendance is insufficient in the Internship Fiche filled in by the institution where the internship is made is rejected.

· Reports submitted by pupils, similar to each other, giving impression of copy, or quoted directly from various sources are fully